Festival in a bag provide a one-stop-shop rucksack, delivered to your door before your festival or event, containing all your festival camping essentials including a tent and sleeping bag.


Tell us how you started Festival in a Bag, what was the moment where you decided this is what you wanted to do

 I came up with the idea in early 2019, both my children and friends have been attending festivals for years, and there was always a rush to get equipment, rucksacks etc, going from shop to shop to get camping equipment.  My idea was a one-stop shop with all essential camping kit packed into a rucksack. We provide a 1-2 person tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, water bottle, poncho, chair, personal hygiene kit.


How does Festival in a Bag help festival and event goers

 Festival in a Bag is an eco-friendly, sustainable product, our message is ‘please re-use or recyle me’.  Festival in a Bag helps festivals by reducing the amount of additional bags brought onto the campsites- the rucksack contains a tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, water bottle and chair.  We encourage everyone to re-pack and bring home or donate, there is still plenty of room to add clothes and wellies.  Festival in a Bag is a one-stop shop with everything delivered to your door on a 24hr or 48hr service.

 To help festivals save water we have partnered with FullCircle to provide a  personal hygiene range which doesn’t’ require water it includes dry shampoo, deodorant, re-cycled toilet paper, no-rinse body wash, biodegradable face wipes, antibacterial hand gel, bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste


 What would you say sets Festival in a Bag apart from other providers

 Festival in a Bag is a stand-alone product, it is a contemporary utility brand which contains recognised camping brands at a very competitive cost, saving the consumer time shopping around.


Waste, the environment and the impact from festivals is recognised as a significant issue – how does Festival in a Bag help in this regard

Festival in a Bag has a strong eco and sustainable message, our water bottle is easily re-fillable, working with FullCircle and their water free personal hygiene range means that there is a substantial reduction in water usage.  Our message is clear we want our festival goers to take home as much as possible and if not use the donation stations, and the charities which we are working with.


 What has been your most challenging moment so far

 Festival in a Bag has  risen to the challenges of the festivals whose main aim is to recover land, reduce wastage, save water, by changing some of our product lines we are achieving this.


How do you see Festival in a Bag developing over the next 5 years

 As festivals change and festival goers become more environmentally aware our ‘model’ will change to meet these requirements, each season we will consider the impact of our products, this process will always be central to improving Festival in a Bag


To learn more about Festival in a Bag, or to purchase one,  visit their listing page click here