Delivered to your door

Instead of having to shop around for your festival camping kit, have it delivered to your door before the festival in a purpose-made, waterproof, all-you-need rucksack. (Photo courtesy of Festival in a Bag).

On-site delivery

On-site delivery options mean that festival and event goers can pick up thier camping equipment at the festival in a convenient bag.  Once the festival is over, simply pack it all back into the bag and it will be delivered back to your home for you . (Photo courtesy of  My Festival Bag).


Take the hassle out of your festival or event stay with a pre-pitched option.  Pre-pitched campsites use camping tents which are erected and set up prior to your arrival, avoiding the need to carry and pitch your own tent.   

When you leave the provider takes care of taking down your tent and either re-uses it or recycles them (Photo courtesy of Z-I-P Pre-pitched camping).

Bunk Only

Bed only options provide an efficient and comfortable solution for large scale festival or event sleeping. They’re ideal for use in covered areas, and for event staff as well as festival or event goers. The solution comprises modular bunk beds which are quick and easy to erect and can be laid out in any orientation within either an existing covered area or marque (Photo courtesy of Bed Stay).

Glamping Pods

Glamping pods are typically 2 to 4-person sleeping accommodation generally, but not always, made of wood.  The benefits over tented options tend to be that the structures are more substantial and can include more features such as locking doors or raised floors.  (Photo courtesy of The Shire Huts).

Log Cabins

Log cabins, as their name suggests, are timber constructed and raised off the ground.  Typically sleeping 2 to 4 people if various bed orientations, some offerings come with en-suite toilets and showers, and even kitchen facilities.  (Photo courtesy of The Suitehuts).


The Yurt is a traditional central European dwelling which comprising a portable, round tent.   The structure usually uses angled wooden latticework for the walls, has a door frame, ribs, and a crown wheel. The roof structure is often self-supporting meaning there are no internal poles, but large yurts can have interior posts supporting the crown.  (Photo courtesy of Cloudhouses).

Bell tents

Bell tents are one of the most popular types of festival accommodation.  Derived initially from the Sibley tent (which was based on the Tipi) they have evolved from the original Sibley structure to give the distinctive shape we see today.  (Photo courtesy of Portobello Tents).

Lotus Belle tents 

The Lotus Belle tent combines the benefits of the Bell tent and the Yurt to produce a spacious structure, with higher vertical walls than for a standard Bell tent.  Lotus Belle’s typically have a central supporting pole and a characteristic ‘onion’ shape.  (Photo courtesy of Portobello Tents).


Campervans are a great way of combining transport to a festival or event with comfortable accommodation.  Campers typically including fold-down beds, kitchen facilities and some even have en-suite facilities.  (Photo courtesy of 365 Campers).

Back Stage Services

Spaces for performers and artists to prepare and relax.  Yurts, Geodomes and hairdressing facilities  (Photo courtesy of Plush Tents).

Food and Beverage

An event isn’t complete without somewhere to eat or drink in the evenings.  Options range from mobile solutions, under canvas and container based, there’s plenty available – but as with all things events based though, the most important thing is reliability of delivery.    (Photo courtesy of Pubs on Wheels).

Festival Hygiene Kits

A necessity for any festival or event; the festival hygiene pack.  After your tickets themselves this is the one thing you don’t want to leave at home.  A good festival kit will make sure you’re looking you’re best the morning after the night before.  (Photo courtesy of Full Circle).

Hair and Makeup

Create a special sparkle to your festival eveing with some glitter and glam from professional hair and makeup artists.    (Photo courtesy of Festidolls).

Professional Services

If you’re planning a festival it’s important to have the correct support and advice – from health and safety, to marketing, to web development.    (Photo courtesy of BedFerret).

Toilets and Showers

Essential at every event or festival are good toilets and showers.  Options range from the well know ‘tardis’ to trailer mounted ‘posh loos’ with all the fixtures and fittings you’d expect from a hotel.    (Photo courtesy of GigLoo).

Secure Storage

Mobile lockers provide security for personal possession whilst camping of attending festivals and events, as well as intgrating phone or device charging points.    (Photo courtesy of Mobile Locker).