Suitehuts have been a regular on the festival and event circuit, providing their log cabins with en-suite facilities for guests across the UK.  We spoke to Steve and Sally, founders of Suite Huts, to find out more:

Tell us how you started Suitehuts, what was it that made you develop your accommodation option

When we first started out glamping had not really begun, typically accommodation at festivals consisted of just a few bell tents and there wasn’t much choice on offer.  Then we were asked by the SGP to explore a better accommodation option and we came up with our en-suite log cabin.


What are the key things you aim for when providing festival and event accommodation

For us it’s very important to get the fundamentals right.  You never know what the weather is going to be like in the UK, so we start by making sure that we provide warm, dry (and in the summer cool) accommodation.  Because our log cabins are raised off the ground with sold wall and plenty of headroom our guests know they’ll have a comfortable stay whatever the weather.  We then add on to that as much luxury in a field that we can possibly provide, including the en-suite toilets and showers, and sleeping on proper wooden beds.


What would you say sets Suitehuts apart from other providers

We feel that would be our uniquely designed log cabin that flat pack down for transportation and storage, but can also be built and dismantled easily.  This means we have an effective way of providing a structured cabin which can be transported easily and economically.


We’ve seen your log cabins at Silverstone recently, which other festivals and events will you be at in 2020

The cabin are very popular and this year we’ll be at Badminton horse trials, Download , Glastonbury ( at 2 sites ) , Silverstone Classic , Lattitude, Creamfields , Wilderness and many more.


Tell us a little bit more about some of the other accommodation options you provide.

In addition to our Suitehut we also provide smaller units called Sleephuts and a larger unit with a verandah called a Safarihut, both without the en-suite facilities.


How do you see Suitehuts developing over the next 5 years.

Every year we’re manufacturing more units and we’re expanding all the time.  Over the course of the next few years we’ll keep growing in the UK, but we also plan to start providing at events in South Africa and Australia.



To learn more about Suitehuts and their products visit their listing page here