Hearthworks Duo Tipi for two


Perfect for two in a traditional style 12′ diameter Native American Tipi.  Located in the Wychwood Camping area, just a short walk from the main arena.  Excellent accessibility on a level site.  Option of dropping off and collecting your camping equipment with your car, and with free parking close by.  Facilities for campers include hot showers, a campsite shop, café, and a lock up for valuables.
Arrive from 10 am Fri 31 May, leave by midday Mon 2nd June 2019.

Tipi comes complete with:

  • Canvas door
  • External rain hat
  • Inner liner
  • Waterproof groundsheet
  • Floor covering
  • Waste bin
  • Doormat


The Extra Classic Furnishings Pack add-on includes

  • Hand-woven cotton rugs
  • A low rosewood table
  • LED / tea-light lanterns
  • Large floor cushions
  • Sheepskin rugs
  • Backjack Chairs


Beds & Bedding, available in Singles or Doubles, consists of:

  • futon-style mattress
  • pure cotton sheet
  • 13.5 tog duvet
  • pillow/s
  • woollen blanket

Single and Double Beds & Bedding are offered, these consist of futon-style mattresses with sheets, duvets, pillows and blankets.

  • Having mattresses affects the capacity, you’ll be limited to how many single or double beds you can choose depending on the space available in your structure.
  • Futon mattresses are generally used, but at some events these may be air beds. This is reflected in the price and it will clearly say ‘air bed’ in the product description..

Note a separate festival ticket is required.

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Add a Furnishings Package

Extra Classic Furnishings include
-Hand-woven cotton rugs
-A low rosewood table
-LED / tea-light lanterns
-Large floor cushions
-Sheepskin rugs
-Backjack Chairs

Power Table

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