The Grunderful – pre-pitched camping for 3


Enjoy the ease of a pre-pitched tent for the Gold Cup at Woodfire Camping, just a short drive to Cowdray polo club.

Woodfire Camping is in a very special spot, with stunning views of the South Downs and surrounding countryside.  Hot showers are available, campfires and wood-fired cooking. The track leading directly off the campsite leads up on to the 90-mile-long South Downs Way, with more fantastic views in all directions, some as far as the sea.

Family camping 70s-style, the Grunderful sleeps 3 comfortably in its cosy inner tent (or 4 if some of them are little ones), with plenty of head room to sit or stand in the main living area; classic rounded stable door opening; window with original 70s curtains and optional porch for shade on hot days.

Sleeps up to five people for the duration of the event.  Includes:

  • Parking for one vehicle,
  • Beds,
  • Hot water bottles and blankets,
  • Cosy bedroom lighting,
  • Table and 2 benches that seat up to 8.

If you need chairs a limited number are available on request.

Please bring any extra lighting or other equipment you think you might need.

Note – A separate Cowdray Gold Cup entry ticket is required.

The camp site is at Woodfire Camping, Westerlands Estate, Graffham, West Sussex, GU28 0QJ,around 7 miles from the Grounds.

This booking is made under the terms and conditions of Woodfire Camping, a copy of which is available by request from

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Campers & Nights Stay *

Standard price is for camping from 5th to 7th July. If you wish to also stay for the night of the 4th, or just to stay for the 4th please select below:

Additional Adults

Please select the number of addition adult campers

Additional Children

Please select the number of extra children (under 18). Children under 3 are free.

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