The Sustainable Camping Co. are focussing on running sustainable campsites, minimising waste and reducing the impact on the environment from festivals and glamping. 

Tell us how you started The Sustainable Camping Co, what was the moment where you decided this is what you wanted to do?

The dawning point for us was 2 years ago on a very large corporate festival, the pack down was under way and we looked around at a sea of inflatable air beds, discarded plastic bottles, freebees and personal items. The waste filled 8 large 35 yard skips, for one weekend of fun, and we realised that it had to change. We had to try looking at the way we produced the campsites and aid the camper in being more mindful of their own environmental impact. Viva la Cardboard tent.


What do you think makes an excellent glamping experience?

Glamping is predominately for people who do not camp, so we have to think 360 degrees around the outdoor experience for the client, creating a great space providing all of the necessities for camping but with added comfort and the feeling of luxury with those finishing touches to make the whole experience a pleasure. On our Pop-up campsites in Sussex we have observed and talked to campers to find out what they wished they’d had. An attractive and breathable tent, with a comfortable (essential) warm bed, soft flooring under foot, plenty of lighting and easy access to toilets for those quick dashes in the middle of the night. We provide all of these things. We set up free chill out spaces dotted about the camps with straw bales, solar charging ports with batteries and air pumps. It is about making life a little easier, a general store for those little luxuries, old school games like campsite tug of war, things to bring you together for shared moments, it is those small interactions that make memories, camping is a very sociable past time and by its very nature forces you to interact with others and nature differently, you have to embrace it and go with it.


What would you say sets The Sustainable Camping Co. apart from other providers

The Cardboard tents, British made bell tents, a general store, renewable energy, no plastic, paper cups, all meat free food, use of natural plant-based cleaning products and eco toilets and showers.


Waste, the environment and the impact from festivals is recognised as a significant issue – what are the main areas you think can be improved on

We don’t want to re-invent the tent, we see the juxtaposition between the human race seeking to enjoy the environment whilst simultaneously disregarding the damage we cause in our ever increasing desire for more opulence, bigger structures, faster wifi and gorgeous facilities. Waste is always the biggest issue when providing campsites. Our aim at Sustainable Camping is to enthuse and motivate campers to change old habits by demonstrating how easily it can be done. By making small adjustments in our life style a “changeover” if you like, the campsite continues whilst nobody notices that the generators are not running 24hrs a day just to keep the toilets, showers and walk ways lit, that you go to the general store and buy just enough food for that day, wrapped in paper. You reuse your enamel mugs for drinks, you charge your devices from power bricks given to you at check-in.  People need to develop a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment. So small changes, little tweaks, minor adjustments is what we are about, after all we need to sell the experience, it takes effort to be mindful so we are making the effort, and the camper is buying into our passion for change.


What has been your most challenging moment so far

Unpicking every thing down to the minutiae detail and then building it back up. We as a race have travelled far along the path of convenience, and our habits are deeply intrenched.


How do you see The Sustainable Camping Co developing over the next 5 years

That is a difficult question to answer, as it depends very much on the success of 2020, running a sustainable campsite is really expensive as these sorts of products don’t come cheap, and everything takes more time and effort, something we all feel very passionate about but the proof is in the production.


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