Now you’ve decided to go to Silverstone for the F1, your next question is where to watch the action from.

In our opinion the F1 is one of those motor sports events where it’s well worth paying for a Grandstand ticket. That’s not to say it’s not possible to get a good view in the free areas but you’ll have to get there mega early and be prepared to queue. A grandstand ticket has the advantage that on the Friday and Saturday they’re ‘roving tickets’ meaning you can sit in any of the Grandstands and try out the views from all around the circuit (in preparation for next year). The covered grandstands also give you protection from the rain (and sun), and it also means that you can pop out for a drink and come back to find your space still there.

Anyway, on to our guide. Generally, there are two things to consider when picking your seat, a) how much of the track and action you will see (in some places you can see multiple parts of the track) and b) how fast will the cars be going – is it a corner or a straight. Some visitors also take into account the location of their campsite when choosing a seat (or more accurately choose a campsite close to their preferred seat location), so it’s not so much of a walk back to the tent in the evenings.

International Pit Straight

It’s difficult to argue that International Pit Straight isn’t high on the list of where to sit given that you’ll see the pole start and finish, plus views into the Pits.  The perhaps one down side is that mid race the cars will be moving at maximum speed down the straight, so it’s not quite as good a vantage point to see your favourite driver as perhaps one of the corners.



Village is one of our favourite places to watch the older cars in the run up to main race day or for events like Classic; it’s a slow corner so plenty of time to see the cars, but not so good for speed or overtaking.  You’ll hear the drama to your right as the cars leave the grid line and then they’ll approach at full speed through Farm Curve, before hitting the brakes hard as they enter Village.  The Farm Curve side to the right is best if you want to see the cars coming into the turns at speed, and probably best overall views are from Village B where you can see both Farm to the right, and Village to the left – however it’s worth noting that Village B Grandstand is uncovered.

Views from Village

Luffield to Woodcote

Luffield to Woodcote

Woodcote is again one of the slower corners on the circuit.  For the non F1 cars it’s a great place to watch the drivers showboat, bringing the backend round as they slide through the 180-degree turn.   For the F1, the corner itself may not be so exciting, but it’s a great chance to see the cars slow down right in front of you.

The right-hand side of Woodcote A gives perhaps the most balanced view; to your right you’ll see the cars come around the corner, and you can also see along to your left up National Pits Straight watching the cars accelerate away.  In addition, you can see straight ahead and catch the cars coming straight towards you down the Wellington Straight.   If you want to see more of the corner head to Luffield A and B, and if want to see more overtaking action choose Woodcote B or the National Pits Straight.

A good general view from Woodcote at Silverstone Circuit.

Here’s a great view from Woodcote A watching Lewis Hamilton sweap by in 2nd place just before he overtook to win the 2021 Grand Prix.

National Pit Straight

National Pit Straight is one of two Grandstands set on the straight sections at Silverstone.  It’s a great place to see, hear and feel the cars going past in front of you – but they won’t be there for long!



Our view is that Copse is one of the better location for a sense of speed and power in the corners; you’ll see the cars coming towards you from National Pits Straight and then round the corner, almost glued to the tarmac at potentially full speed, and then away to your left.

Plenty of action and jostling for position.

Here’s a view from Copse corner at the 2021 F1 Grand Prix

Becketts and Chapel

Becketts and Chapel

Becketts and Chapel Grandstands are located on a set of chicane bends – Maggots, Becketts and Chapel.  Becketts Grandstand sits alongside the chicane and Chapel looking up the circuit through it.  For the F1 it’s a great place to see the cars slow down a little as they come off the straight, and to watch the older cars gracefully control their sliding rear ends as they navigate through.

The view from Chapel gives a great view straight up through the chicane bends, giving you plenty of time to observe the cars approaching, as opposed to watching them zip by in front of you from Becketts.

The photos are all from Chapel and you can see the chicane bends twisting away in front of you.

Here’s a nice video view of the cars coming straight towards you through Becketts as you sit at Chapel

And here a view from Becketts Grand stand as the cars weave past in front.


Stowe is one of the fastest corners on circuit with drivers arriving at full speed from the Hanger Straight, before a touch of braking and then on to Vale.  It a fast section of the circuit with plenty of action and chances for overtaking.


Club Corner

Club Corner

Club Corner is a really popular spot and has some great views to the right where you can see the cars coming down from Stowe, slowing down (not too much) as they come through Vale, then sweep around in front of you to head up to the Start/Finish Line.  It’s also a great place to see the grid line-up if you haven’t got a seat on International Pits Straight, and there’s views on the pitlane entry.

The sweaping view of Club Corner

We hope you found this guide useful, if you’d like to find out more about what the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone is like then please visit our page here.   If you’re looking for accommodation we’d love to help you make your choice here.