We came across Don Hairport and his mobile hair and beauty salon just off Albany Street.  The high end mobile unit is sefl sufficient for water and designed for festivals and events in the UK.


Tell us how you started Don Hairport, what was the moment where you decided this is what you wanted to do

The Hairport started due to a combination of sky high rents & rates and creating something exciting, unique and having the opportunity to travel with work.


What products and services are you able to offer at festivals

We can tailor our services depending on the type of festival, for example we can offer hair wash services, hair up do’s,  nails and make-up.


What would you say sets Don Hairport apart from other providers 

Our unique slick modern design and having water tanks situated in the chassis means we only really need power to function.

Our staff are all Senior stylists with many years experience.


 What has been your most challenging moment so far

Satisfying landlords and learning to drive the trailer!

How do you see Don Hairport developing over the next 5 years

We hope to be working with land owners and local authorities around the UK, if there’s space why not utilise to benefit both parties.

It’s a win-win situation.


To learn more about Don Hairport visit their listing page here